Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Call Cetres; An Overview

What is a Call/Contact centre ?
=> A call centre or contact centre is a physical location where calls are placed or received to handle the querries or the problems related to some particular product of an particular organization. In other words by making a call to a call cetre one can have a cleare idea and solution to the problem about the product or service concerned.
What is BPO ?
=> BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. BPO is the industry which does the outsourced business. Let's take an example to make it more clear -- an organization "A Ltd.", a mobile service provider, gives organization "B Ltd." the authority to handle it's customercare operation for some particular returns under some terms and conditions. Thus it'll be said that "A Ltd" outsourced a process of business to "B Ltd". Here, B Ltd. will do the outsourced business.
Is there any difference between BPOs and Call Centres ?
=> Yes. These two terms are very often confused to be the same in India. Because, most of BPOs India deal with the call centres only. In fact, a call centre may be or may not be the part of BPO. If an organisation does not outsource it's operation of call centre, on the contrary it handles it itself, the call centre won't be called a part of BPO.
BPO and India.
=> It has not been even a decade since the BPO industry started spreading it's feet in India and it hits the headlines everyday.In a such short period India has become the most sought after BPO destination in the world.
If we refer to "The Times of India", an article plublished on 2nd Novemver 2006 says " Indian cities led by Delhi's national capital region have the top seven lots in a globle ranking of competitiveness of cities as outsourcing destinations in the world, according to study conducted by US based consultancy firm neoIT".
As a matter of fact, India has for a superb outsourcing destination i.g. - availability of fairly large and qualified pool of work-force, better infrastructure langauge proficeincy cheaper labour etc.
What does this industry can provide to the individuals with it ?
=> The industry provides everything the individuals associated with it which an employee can look for. The industry offers a state of art infrastructure, amiable work environment, excellent growth opportunities and above all a handsome take home salary.


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