Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Ready for the Interview

Many of us don't take it seriously while going for an interview. We do what we manage to do at the eleventh hour, and after getting a 'NO' from the selection, we wonder as to what went wrong. Just answering the questions put forth by the interviewer is not all, on the contrary there are a number of things which seeks our slight attention before leaving for the interview. Some of them are:

1. Your Dressing Sense: To be quite honest, trying to look beautiful or handsome might mean picking a quarrel with the Nature, yet we may strive to look smarter, and that is within our reach.

So your dressing sense has to do a lot with the result of the interview. Remember your dressing sense can make or mar your first impression. So you need to be a bit careful while selective your dress. You might have noticed some guys/girls dressed up very casually in an interviews for BPOs and still they succeed in getting the final selection. Being casual is acceptable but to a very negligible extent. I would advise you not to imitate them as most of the HR Managers have now begun taking a candidate's appearance into account.

For Boys

Be dressed up in a full sleeve shirt, avoid using half-sleeve as it does not go with your executive image. Opt for the white colour if you can manage as it is the safest and best colour for shirts.

Choose a formal pant/trousers of dark colour which make a good combination with the light coloured shirts. You may wear a tie if you think you are comfortable with it otherwise say a no to it.

Your belts should match with your shoe-colour.

Black is most advisable colour for your socks and if not black you may select a pair socks which go well with your complete attire.

I would say not to wear jewellery if it is not very much necessary. A wedding ring or a wrist watch is acceptable.

Keep your hair clean and properly washed. Make a side portion if not sure how to manage it. Don't make it spunky or scattered which may need the touch of fingers time and again.

For Girls

Girls can go for a two/three-piece business suit, it will be more advisable if you could manange formal shirts and a pair of trowsers making a colour combination light and dark. Please dont use sleevless shirts in any case. For those who would like to put on skirts, remember not to put on too long like skirts like a Barn-Dance Girl and not too small. A short skirt should at least fall up to 2 or 3 inches below your knees.

I would adivse not to use panty-hose or stockings, as it is not wide-spread in India even today. But yes, if you are comfortable with it, it will help you build a professional grooming.

Go for dark coloured shoes with the heel ranging up to 2 inch.

Keep your hair tied back, don't let it fall at the front. Avoid using many hair accessories.

Wear no make-ups as simplicity helps your natural look come out. A light lips and nails colouring is acceptable.

Abstain from studding yourself with jewelleries. And if you can't help wearing them, don't go for clanky jewelleries which make sound when you move.

Your handbag should blend with your complete attire and if you have not many options for it, match it with your shoe colour.

2. Your first appearance before the interviewer.
3. The body language
4. The way to answer a question
5. Your Resume

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