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Some Questions Asked In Interviews for Call Centres

If you have good communication skills confidence, a desire to excel and the capacity to work under pressure, you have everything to take advantage of a sea of opportunities to work with call centres. Just go through the questions to have idea of the interview --

Q. Tell me something about yourself/ introduce yourself.
=> Start with your complete name and include your educational qualifications, work-experience (if any) and your hobbies.
Q. What did you do yesterday ?
=> Just say in short as to how did you spend your yesterday from early morning to night. Mind you, make all the sentences in past tense as this question is asked to check the knowledge of tense.
Q. Tell me something about the movie you saw recently.
=> Don't make long sentences while narrating the story of the movie. It will be an added advantage if you could recall the name of the producer and the director. Besides, do say something of why did you like of dislike the movie.
Q. What is a Call/Contact centre ?
=> A call centre or contact centre is a physical location where calls are placed or received to handle the queries or the problems related to some particular product of an particular organization. In other words by making a call to a call centre one can have a clear idea and solution to the problem about the product or service concerned.
Q.Why did you choose a call centre to work with ?
=> Just say this is a highly rewarding industry which can provide you with everything you look for in a job, like
a friendly environment to work in, excellent growth opportunities and in fact a handsome salary.
Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
=> Emphasize the strengths like positive attitude, confidence, capacity to perform well even under pressure. As for weakness you can say " Whenever I take any task to perform I cannot help putting my hundred percent".
Q.Which colour do you like most and why?
=> Don't be blank just anything about that colour. Relate your thought to thing which has the colour concerned, like if you like green, start talking about the Indian flag which has colour green in it.
Q. Why should I select you ?
=> Say you have everything they look for in an employee. Just speak of your strengths.
Q.Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
=> Say of something higher than you are presently. But the designation you want to hold after five years must be from this industry itself.
Q. Tell me something about the most memorable moment in your life so far .
=> Don't say you don't you have not witnessed a memorable moment in life so far. Talk of anything from your past which shows your strengths.
Q. What can you give to the organization and what do you want to take from it?
=> The most critical question that shows your attitude. Say you will perform your best and you will fulfill every need which the organization will seek for part. At the same time you will be able to add to your experience and to learn something from the work culture of the organisation organisation which will hone your skills finally.
Q. Is there any difference between BPOs and call centres ?
=> Yes. These two terms are very often confused to be the same in India. Because, most of BPOs India deal with the call centres only. In fact, a call centre may be or may not be the part of BPO. If an organisation does not outsource it's operation of call centre, on the contrary it handles it itself, the call centre won't be called a part of BPO.
Q. Why did you opt this organisation only ? Why not others ?
=>Say, this organisation is a brand name in BPO industry. It provides excellent growth opportunities, an amiable work environment and a reward for the work performed.
Q. What do you understand by Customer Care ?
=> Say, customer care is all about caring the customer. Identifying the actual need or the problem of the customer and giving the final solution.

The other frequently asked questions are :-
  • What is the difference between an international and a domestic call centre ?
  • Who is a customer ?
  • Tell me something about your dreams or goals.
  • Tell me something about your ideal person.
  • What can say about Delhi as the capital.
  • Can women be better managers, your view.
  • Western culture vs Indian culture, your view.
  • Arrange marriage vs love marriage, your view.
  • Ongoing sealing by the MCD in Delhi, your view.

There may be some other kind of questions in which you will be given a line and you will have to make it complete story, like :-

  • I was going somewhere in my car and all of a sudden the tyre got puncture................
  • After having lunch in a hotel when I searched for my purse it was missing...................
  • My friends tell me that I am ...........
  • Electricity was gone and I was alone at my home.............
  • I was watching the glittering stars in the sky thinking............

NOTE:-All the thought given above are my personal views, the actual scenario may or may not be different form it.

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