Friday, May 11, 2007

Success Ins and outs

The word 'success' has been defined by many scholars and it has really been a matter of debate from the time immemorial. I have read so many articles on 'success', recently I happened to go through " You can win" by Shiv Khera", he has taken reference to so many great scholars and has compiled a very good collection of fruitful thoughts... in the book a line says...." Success does not mean absence of failure, it means the attainment of ultimate objective. It means winning the war not every battle".

One the greatest scholars has quoted..." Success is the progressive realisation of worthy goal". In a very meaningful, easier but extensive way..." Success means getting what you want".

Personally I agree at all these thoughts and definitions but at the same I want to add a very valuable thing to it i.e. we should not try to gain success, we must achieve success it. Because what you gain is transitory and ephemeral, but what you achieve is everlasting. When you gain something you use mind and body, and you what have finally is something materialistic only, when you achieve something you use your mind, body and soul and what have finally is the feeling of winning. You know what I think is can gain a thing even without putting your best or putting nothing... but you cannot achieve achieve a thing without putting effort, you have no other way to go... you will have to put your mind, your body and most importantly your soul together...and if you get these things with you... the whole universe will bend to and move away to give the way... you will be there where you want.


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